October 2014

Ooooweeee! Summer is burning up…STILL! And it’s all systems go in this camp!

Had an incredible week a couple back – auditions booming, a call back for a major international commercial, THEN I booked a super juicy role in an indie feature and a lead role in a stage play. Both of these projects; exciting, thought provoking and have me playing an Americano.

The film is a drama called ‘Radical’. I’m Officer Jones. Intelligent, sharp, strong and determined.

‘Suite V’ is the name of the theatre production. I’m Sweet V or Victoria Burns. A mother with 2 bi-racial sons trying to keep it all together, and set in the 70’s. It’s an original piece premiering at The Missing Piece Theatre, Burbank, Los Angeles November 7th, 8th and 9th.

I’m also developing a fabulous character for a comedic short – in the style of Portlandia or This is Spinal Tap. I’ve been having a riot filling the shoes of this very gifted ‘destiny guide’! Stay tuned…

May update

It’s been busy busy busy these past months!

This weekend I’ve been shooting a psychological thriller short film ‘Johnny’ playing a police officer.

Last month I had a blast shooting comedic pilot ‘Green Card for Love’ – a parody of The Bachelor. I reveled in the opportunity to play a poor Russian hooker. The pilot is currently being shopped by Paradigm.

Last year I started shooting web series ‘Last Man on Earth’. A ten part story about a battle to re-populate earth and the scheming involved to get there. I play a leading role, Jenny – one part genius, one part charmer, determined to get her way. Shooting resumes this weekend and will continue over the coming months.



Just started working with commercial agent Jennifer Layton at FireStarter Entertainment.
AND!!! Excited to start working with my first ever manager…Mr Oliver Carnay.

Had an absolute blast performing in The Vagina Monologues at The Promenade Playhouse, Santa Monica, LA in March. Such a brilliant production! I played a British woman getting acquainted with her ‘you know what’ and what a ride it was! Stellar cast and super supportive audiences made for an all round winning experience.

So excited that ‘D’ora’, the independent feature film in which I play a feisty and savvy Russian, has had several recent screenings in London cinemas. This story of a Romanian immigrant’s dream for a better life, is one very close to my heart. My father was a Czech refugee, who left his home city of Prague (aged 19) during the communist area and migrated to Australia…and here I am dream chasing in the USA.  Check out our 4 star review here: D’ora Film Review

I also had the wonderful opportunity to work with a close friend in his directing debut on the dramatic independent feature film ‘Inside Out’ playing an outspoken and fun loving hippie recently. Currently in post-production.

Plus! I had a gorgeous day in the Californian countryside at the end of last year shooting a Dodge car commercial playing a mother camping with her husband and children. As a nature lover, I was totally in my element!