“My Heroes” PSA gone VIRAL!

Howdy folks!

Such exciting news! The PSA, “My Heroes“, I shot a couple of months back was released a week ago and overnight started gathering major attention and praise. I couldn’t believe my eyes to see that a platform I so love, Upworthy, had published our video…but this was just the beginning! Over the last week our video has gone viral & has spread all over the world; from my home country of Australia, to Japan, France, England and beyond. News outlets such as SBS News, AustraliaCBS NewsHuffington Post, and Pop Sugar have all run stories, and even American actor, Ashton Kutcher, posted our video to his Facebook page, racking up close to 4 million hits, the last time I checked!

I am extremely proud to be involved in a piece with such a beautiful and important message – one that spotlights gender stereotypes, and promotes the idea of love, acceptance and compassion, no matter who you are or want to be.

Thank you to all my family, friends and the greater circle for sharing and supporting. It means the world!




Happy September!

Hiya gals and guys,

I’ve been seriously slacking on the news front this year. There is a stack to be grateful for, so let’s start with the latest…

Last week I shot a beautiful, socially conscious PSA, playing a mom. I had a really fun day with the ‘fam’ – my handsome husband, son and daughter team, celebrating Halloween.

We’ve been working non-stop on our web series Visioneering: Forward Thinkers of the World.  This comedy gem is an 8 part series about a spiritual healer and destiny guide newly moved to Los Angeles from Australia who is followed by the crew of a documentary spotlight series. It was initially shot as a short film that turned out to be much longer than intended. We were struggling with the edit (’cause we loved so much of it!), post production slowed, and then we had an epiphany to turn the material into a web series. Moving swiftly ahead, we wrote in five new characters and shot them in a ‘chat to camera’ style fashion, sliced up the original footage into episodes, added the new footage, and have spent a good part of this year patching it all together. Thank God for the amazing team that have helped nurture this baby into completion. We have been submitting to numerous festivals and have gained great joy in being accepted into the Glasgow based Feel the Reel International Film Festival and the LA local, Broad Humor Film Festival. We are also currently semi finalists at Los Angeles CineFest. We are planning on releasing the complete series online in December.


Also, I recently had the opportunity to work on my first ever virtual reality project. Shot with a rig of GoPros that looked like some kind of UFO, it was a unique experience and a lot of fun!  ‘Ashes’ is the story of an ailing man and his two daughters who share differing relationships with their father. Photo to the right of me and my onscreen sister.

Last, but not least, I have been loving being a student at one of the country’s finest improv schools; Second City, Hollywood. As a result of my ‘playtime’ here, I started taking improv hip hop classes (improv done in freestyle rhyme). This led to me auditioning for the brand spanking new house team…and whaddaya know…I was cast in a crew now known as the ‘Ghost Face Kittens‘. It has been a thrilling ride with this litter of kitties; a super talented posse of eight, who keep me on my toes and super inspired from week to week. We perform every second Friday at Second City, and it has to be said, people are digging the GFK vibrations! Photo below is missing a couple of peeps. Guy in the burgundy shirt is our legend of a director, Rich Baker.


That’s all for now, but with a couple of exciting auditions burning up this week, I do hope there’ll be more exciting news just a hop, skip and a jump away!



The Unimaginable

Life has been so full with acting lately, I’ve hardly had a moment to catch my breath! It’s been all parts exciting, and I wanted to share my latest project.

We wrapped a couple of weeks back – a beautiful feature film, The Unimaginable (working title).

The story of Sari (the writer/director’s real life grandmother), and her time in a labor camp in Sommerda, Germany in 1944-1945. Her journey and experiences are explored through the journal she courageously kept during this period (now on display in the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC), filtered through the memories and imagination of her son and grandson. I play ‘The Worker’, one of her peers in the labor camp.

I spent 6 amazing days shooting in east LA in a huge, historic factory – the location for the bullet making factory, where we work in Sommerda.

Serious props to Ben, our director, a quiet and concentrated force of nature. I was really in awe of Ben’s ability to lead with such grace and humility, and the passion and commitment brought by all cast and crew. Truly inspiring and moving stuff!


Short + Sweet Festival, Hollywood

The biggest little festival in the world has hit Hollywood, and you can find me performing in not one, but two plays in the coming week! This festival originated in my home country of Australia, and presents a collection of 10 minute plays over the course of three weeks in a competition style format.


Last week I performed in Neptune’s (Part II) – set behind the scenes at a Sydney strip club in 1979. I play Helena, cocktail waitress and overseer of operations, surly, outspoken and proud to be earning good bucks in a “clean joint”.

In an added surprise, we  won the Audience Vote, and have been invited back to perform Neptune’s (Part II) at the Final Gala. Very exciting!

This week I’ll be performing in Divorce Fantasies – a wild comedy about a girl who needs to loosen up sexually, so with the help of her housemates creates a role play like scenario to seduce the right man. I play Crista, ring leader, teacher, mediator and mother to all.


In the mix

Currently studying with The Groundlings Improv School in Los Angeles, and having the time of my life! My teachers Holly Mandel and (teacher in training) Drew Talbert are simply awesome. #lifefeelsohsoshinyandnew

Thanksgiving time

Happy holidays wished to all! I really love this time of year. Festivity, food, family. The autumn leaves are looking spectacular, the air up here in SF is getting some bite to it. It’s atmospheric in so many ways. A winning combination, I reckon. Now to find a roaring fireplace…

I’ve not long returned from LA where I worked on short film ‘Screenings’, a psychological thriller produced by Short Pajamas. It was a wonderful experience, with a super slick crew and fantastic director. Set in a ‘casting office’, I play Olive, a jaded and twisted receptionist, most happy to greet you…(cue dramatic music).

IMG_1997The same guys that produced this film, have another short called ‘Gloriana’ currently on the national festival circuit. It so happened when I was in LA, I caught a screening at The Studio City film festival, and was really impressed. A gripping, moving, and beautiful piece with a stellar female lead.



I am also very excited to be returning home to Australia at the end of December for a visit.  Fun in the sun with my loved ones…sounds like the perfect way to round out a huge year.

More news coming soon…