Happy September!

Hiya gals and guys,

I’ve been seriously slacking on the news front this year. There is a stack to be grateful for, so let’s start with the latest…

Last week I shot a beautiful, socially conscious PSA, playing a mom. I had a really fun day with the ‘fam’ – my handsome husband, son and daughter team, celebrating Halloween.

We’ve been working non-stop on our web series Visioneering: Forward Thinkers of the World.  This comedy gem is an 8 part series about a spiritual healer and destiny guide newly moved to Los Angeles from Australia who is followed by the crew of a documentary spotlight series. It was initially shot as a short film that turned out to be much longer than intended. We were struggling with the edit (’cause we loved so much of it!), post production slowed, and then we had an epiphany to turn the material into a web series. Moving swiftly ahead, we wrote in five new characters and shot them in a ‘chat to camera’ style fashion, sliced up the original footage into episodes, added the new footage, and have spent a good part of this year patching it all together. Thank God for the amazing team that have helped nurture this baby into completion. We have been submitting to numerous festivals and have gained great joy in being accepted into the Glasgow based Feel the Reel International Film Festival and the LA local, Broad Humor Film Festival. We are also currently semi finalists at Los Angeles CineFest. We are planning on releasing the complete series online in December.


Also, I recently had the opportunity to work on my first ever virtual reality project. Shot with a rig of GoPros that looked like some kind of UFO, it was a unique experience and a lot of fun!  ‘Ashes’ is the story of an ailing man and his two daughters who share differing relationships with their father. Photo to the right of me and my onscreen sister.

Last, but not least, I have been loving being a student at one of the country’s finest improv schools; Second City, Hollywood. As a result of my ‘playtime’ here, I started taking improv hip hop classes (improv done in freestyle rhyme). This led to me auditioning for the brand spanking new house team…and whaddaya know…I was cast in a crew now known as the ‘Ghost Face Kittens‘. It has been a thrilling ride with this litter of kitties; a super talented posse of eight, who keep me on my toes and super inspired from week to week. We perform every second Friday at Second City, and it has to be said, people are digging the GFK vibrations! Photo below is missing a couple of peeps. Guy in the burgundy shirt is our legend of a director, Rich Baker.


That’s all for now, but with a couple of exciting auditions burning up this week, I do hope there’ll be more exciting news just a hop, skip and a jump away!