The Unimaginable

Life has been so full with acting lately, I’ve hardly had a moment to catch my breath! It’s been all parts exciting, and I wanted to share my latest project.

We wrapped a couple of weeks back – a beautiful feature film, The Unimaginable (working title).

The story of Sari (the writer/director’s real life grandmother), and her time in a labor camp in Sommerda, Germany in 1944-1945. Her journey and experiences are explored through the journal she courageously kept during this period (now on display in the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC), filtered through the memories and imagination of her son and grandson. I play ‘The Worker’, one of her peers in the labor camp.

I spent 6 amazing days shooting in east LA in a huge, historic factory Рthe location for the bullet making factory, where we work in Sommerda.

Serious props to¬†Ben, our director, a quiet and concentrated force of nature. I was really in awe of Ben’s ability to lead with such grace and humility, and the passion and commitment brought by all cast and crew. Truly inspiring and moving stuff!