Short + Sweet Festival, Hollywood

The biggest little festival in the world has hit Hollywood, and you can find me performing in not one, but two plays in the coming week! This festival originated in my home country of Australia, and presents a collection of 10 minute plays over the course of three weeks in a competition style format.


Last week I performed in Neptune’s (Part II) – set behind the scenes at a Sydney strip club in 1979. I play Helena, cocktail waitress and overseer of operations, surly, outspoken and proud to be earning good bucks in a “clean joint”.

In an added surprise, we  won the Audience Vote, and have been invited back to perform Neptune’s (Part II) at the Final Gala. Very exciting!

This week I’ll be performing in Divorce Fantasies – a wild comedy about a girl who needs to loosen up sexually, so with the help of her housemates creates a role play like scenario to seduce the right man. I play Crista, ring leader, teacher, mediator and mother to all.