October 2014

Ooooweeee! Summer is burning up…STILL! And it’s all systems go in this camp!

Had an incredible week a couple back – auditions booming, a call back for a major international commercial, THEN I booked a super juicy role in an indie feature and a lead role in a stage play. Both of these projects; exciting, thought provoking and have me playing an Americano.

The film is a drama called ‘Radical’. I’m Officer Jones. Intelligent, sharp, strong and determined.

‘Suite V’ is the name of the theatre production. I’m Sweet V or Victoria Burns. A mother with 2 bi-racial sons trying to keep it all together, and set in the 70’s. It’s an original piece premiering at The Missing Piece Theatre, Burbank, Los Angeles November 7th, 8th and 9th.

I’m also developing a fabulous character for a comedic short – in the style of Portlandia or This is Spinal Tap. I’ve been having a riot filling the shoes of this very gifted ‘destiny guide’! Stay tuned…